Rappelling superheroes bring smiles to hospitalized kids

Modern Window Cleaning Superheroes Rappelling down Windows of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital

October 31, 2012 – Patients at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan experienced both tricks and treats on Halloween this year when Modern Window Cleaning employees dressed up as superheroes and rappelled down the side of the hospital windows. Hanging from ropes outside patient playrooms, the superheroes waved and interacted with the children, evoking surprise, smiles, excitement, and awe. “It’s Halloween and we wanted to give the kids something special for the day … hopefully make some kids happy,” said Spiderman.

The team certainly accomplished their goal, and celebrated with the children at a Halloween party inside after displaying their amazing feats.

Modern Window Cleaning Crew dressed in superhero uniforms

Superheroes for a Super Cause: High Rise Window Cleaners Rappel Down Building to Surprise Kids at Helen Devos Children’s Hospital Halloween Party

Superheroes rappel down building during Helen Devos Children's Hospital Halloween Party
October 30, 2015 – Members of the Modern Window Cleaning High-Rise window washing team participated in the annual Spectum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital Halloween party on Friday in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The Modern Window Cleaning team members dressed as Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider Man before rappelling down the side of the building. The “superheroes” stopped at each floor to wave at the children who were unable to join the festivities in the main lobby and outside garden at the children’s hospital. As they proceeded down the side of the hospital, the superheroes were cheered on by a large group of children, hospital staff, and passerby’s who had all gathered in the outside garden. Once the superheroes made it onto the ground, they were greeted by the many costumed children who had watched in awe as they descended down the side of the building, and the superheroes posed for countless pictures.

Modern Window Cleaning High Rise Window Cleaners Dressed as Superheroes at the Helen Devos Children's Hospital Halloween PartyThe superheroes then trekked back up to the top of the children’s hospital, and descended down the opposite side of the building, making sure to stop at each floor and wave at additional children who were unable to go outside and watch.

Everyone at Modern Window Cleaning feels honored to be a part of such a positive community event that supports the children at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Each “superhero” commented that they enjoyed seeing the smiles on every child’s face and felt privileged that they could bring joy to each child who they met.

The Halloween party at Spectrum Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital was covered by multiple local news agencies and through Spectrum Health’s Health Beat.

Meet Sheila: West Michigan’s First
Automated High-Rise Window Cleaner

Modern Window Cleaning is living up to its name with West Michigan’s first high-rise window cleaning machine, the HighRise™ by IPCEagle. Using pure water for cleaning – NO chemicals – this remote-controlled marvel travels up and down a building on a guide wire. It scrubs each window on its way up, and rinses and dries on its way down. Nicknamed “Sheila” by Modern’s crew, it outperforms the manual crew in terms of safety, time, and whole-building cleanliness.

“Our customers love the privacy,” says Bill Beck, Division Manager of Modern Window Cleaning. “Hospitals, office buildings, schools … they’re just a lot more comfortable seeing a machine out there than a person.”

The machine also makes high-rise window cleaning a lot safer, since operators are on the roof as opposed to scaling the sides of a building. “Sheila-cleaned windows stay cleaner longer because it uses reverse osmosis deionized water,” said Beck. “And since she cleans the whole building exterior – not just the windows – there’s no dirt to get washed onto the windows again when it rains.” How well does it clean? Crystal clear and residue-free, according to Modern’s clients. “They’re really pleased,” says Beck. “We’ve had so many compliments. No one wants to go back to the ‘old-fashioned way’ of cleaning high-rise windows anymore. It’s all Modern now!”

Both sides now: New cleaning machine faster, gentler on screens.

Windows can’t look crystal clear unless the screens in front or in back of them are really clean too. Modern Window Cleaning crews are excited when they see their customers’ reaction to the results of their new screen washing machine. “They barely notice the screen is there,” according to Bill Beck, Division Manager for Modern Window Cleaning. “It puts a whole new meaning to the word clean.”

The Screen Washer thoroughly cleans the entire screen and frame, using a unique brushing system that scrubs both sides of the screen at the same time. “Screens stay taunt afterwards too,” says Beck. “When only one side is cleaned at a time, it stretches the screen out a little which can cause it to sag over time. That doesn’t happen to a screen cleaned with the Screen Washer.” The machine is also portable, and easily transported to the job site.